Project Maman S’adapte: Stress and adaptation of mothers of autistic children

The Maman S’ADAPTE project is a longitudinal study that focuses on motherhood in the context of autism. This study aims to better understand the challenges related to motherhood when the child is autistic. It also aims at studying stress of mothers of autistic children as well as the adjustment of their child over time. More specifically, this study aims to document the particularities and challenges posed by motherhood in the context of autism and the means that mothers develop to adapt to it.

Mother- child dyads (including an autistic child) are met every two years when the child is between 2-5 years old and 6-9 years old and collects various data using questionnaires, interviews, administered tasks and observation sessions. 

Principal Investigator: Eve-Line Bussières, PhD

Collaborators: Karine Dubois-Comtois, Annie Stipanicic, Chantal Cyr, Isabelle Soulières, Elsa Gilbert, Marie-France Marin

Students involved in this project: Delphine Périard-Larivée, Magali Vigneault, Stéphany Cyr.

Funding: FRQSC, FRQS

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